Like Allegiant was so horribly written and I felt nothing when anyone died… 








Hey guys, 

So after Alligent came out I kinda fell out of the fandom cause the book sucked and people got annoying. I haven’t posted on this blog in a while but I still have over a 1,000 followers and is on a top blog lists for some famous blogs. So let me know If you want this!




To be honest I liked this fandom when it was small 

AU where Hazel Grace meets Tris Prior. Requested by: ansoloelgorts

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Theo James: I miss your face.

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I don’t even know who I am anymore.

         I know exactly who you are.

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Grab the rail. We’re done. You have three options. Hang there and I’ll forget your cowardice. Fall and die. Or give up. 

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But I’m still just a lanky dork. Ironically learning to box doesn’t make you any tougher, it just makes you realize that if you actually got into a real fight you’d probably get your arse kicked.

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[ Run Boy Run (Instrumental) ]


Instrumental Version of Run Boy Run by Woodkid from the train scene in Divergent (sadly not on the soundtrack)

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The Aptitude Test [x]

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